The MEDCLIVAR community will continue the tradition and distinguished young scientists will be honored with the 'MEdCLIVAR Young Scientist Award' during the Conference.

If you want to present a candidate, please send an email to including:

  • list of publications
  • abstracted CV
  • description of main contributions to the activities of MEDCLIVAR

The Conference chairpersons will examine the candidacies and select the awards

Gabriel Jorda

Gabriel Jordà is a postdoctoral researcher at IMEDEA (a joint centre between the University of the Balearic Islands and the Spanish Research Council) since 2006. He obtained his PhD in Oceanography at Universidat Politécnica de Catalunya in 2005. His research comprises a wide range of topics, all related to marine climate and dynamics, with special relevance on ocean numerical modelling. During recent years he has focused on sea level variability and its forcing mechanisms using both numerical models and observations. He has participated in 17 research projects and has published 20 scientific papers. During the MedClivar 2012 conference he was awarded for his important contribution to the understanding of the processes driving Mediterranean sea level variability, his contribution to the second MedCLIVAR book and active participation to MedCLIVAR activities.