Detection and attribution of the recent human-induced climate evolution including extremes. Session dedicated to the study of the recent past

Conveners: Philippe Drobinski (CNRS and Ecole polytechnique, Paris, France) , Gianmaria Sannino (ENEA, Rome,Italy)

Contemporary climate change and its effect on extremes pose increasing risks for the Mediterranean societies. The science of event attribution is now advancing rapidly through an improved understanding of the processes that cause extreme events and marked progress in the development of methods used to attribute the events. A wide range of studies now documents the detected impacts of observed climate trends across the Mediterranean region, spanning physical, chemical, biological and human systems. This session aims to bring together the latest studies focused on detection and/or attribution approaches. By considering studies on a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, we aim to identify common/new methods, current challenges and potential synergies in the Mediterranean climate community. We particularly welcome contributions that compare approaches, or address extremes and/or impacts, that test the limits of current science.