Climate change impacts and adaptation in the Mediterranean agro-food systems: challenges, options and solutions

Conveners: Andrea Toreti (EC-JRC, Ispra, Italy) , Elena Xoplaki (Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany)

Human induced climate change poses unprecedented challenges to the social, economic and environmental systems of the Mediterranean region. Food availability (production and trade) , accessibility, stability of supplies and utilization are strongly influenced by. Activities associated with food production and distribution are a major source of climate forcing. Agriculture is the main user of water and a key activity for rural population. Every part of the Mediterranean agro-food supply chain is affected by climate change, either directly like farms, or indirectly like food processors and distribution networks. Climate change will attune the entire food value chain, its operators and end consumers. Mediterranean agro-food systems must meet the future challenges of supporting a growing population while reducing environmental impacts. This session aims at addressing the above issues in an interdisciplinary setting, presenting the needs, challenges, open questions, solutions, best practices.