MedclivarThe MedCLIVAR 2016 conference is a forum for dissemination and discussion of progress in research on climate variability and change, impacts, adaptation, mitigation and policy solutions and options in the Mediterranean region.

We invite researchers from all relevant fields to address open questions in the region, tools and options for better understanding the complex Mediterranean climate and contribute towards strategies to respond to climate change pressures on ecosystems and human societies.

University of Athens 1 200The MedCLIVAR 2016 conference is the fourth in a series organized by MedCLIVAR, following MedCLIVAR2011 (Lecce, Italy), MedCLIVAR2012 (Madrid, Spain), MedCLIVAR2014 (Ankara, Turkey). This sequence of conferences is fundamental for the mission of MedCLIVAR to promote better communication among different scientific disciplines and to develop a multidisciplinary vision of the evolution of the Mediterranean climate through studies that integrate atmospheric, marine, and terrestrial climate components at time scales ranging from paleoreconstructions to future climate scenarios.