Poster presentation guidelines

Poster boards are in portrait format with a clear dimension of 100 cm width x 120 cm height. All necessary material for attaching the poster to the poster board will be available at the Facility Desk.

Poster sessions are scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday as it is described in the general programme. Presenters are suggested to hang their poster at the beginning of the conference or anyway before the beginning of the poster sessions.

Posters will be on display for the whole duration of the conference. Authors attendance times are described in the general programme.

Presenters are recommended to place the title at the top of the poster board to allow viewers to identify the paper and to highlight the authors’ names, e-mails, and address information in case the viewer is interested in contacting them for more information. Text, diagrams, figures should have a size to allow a viewer to read the poster easily from a distance of about 1.5 meters

Oral presentation guidelines

Each author has a slot of 15 minutes, including questions. It is recommended to limit the presentation to 12 minutes to allow questions and discussion. Exceptions are senior invited speakers who have slots of 30minutes and are correspondingly expected to limit their presentation in 25 minutes to leave room to questions and discussion. Authors should upload their presentation before the beginning of each session.

The audience includes researchers working on climate issues from different perspectives. Authors are recommended to introduce properly their subject and use language and concepts allowing the whole audience to follow their presentation and appreciate its content. To initiate the presentation with three slides explaining briefly subject, methods and conclusions may help to deliver the full message, if the speaker does not succeed completing adequately the presentation in the assigned time slot.