MedClivar 2016: Themes and Sessions

  1. The Mediterranean Regional Climate System. Understanding climate processes, feedbacks and interactions in the atmosphere, ocean, hydrosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, geosphere, extremes and hazards under climate change.
    Conveners: Marta Marcos, Katrin Schroeder, Fabio D’Andrea

  2. Earth Observations and Climate Services in the Mediterranean region. Promoting integrated observational platforms and synergies with earth system models towards the development of Climate Services.
    Conveners: Vassilis Amiridis, Vanesa Cardin, Silvio Gualdi

  3. Past climate evolution of the Mediterranean region including palaeo-reconstructions and simulations, recovery of long instrumental time series, evidences of climate shifts, trends and extremes.
    Conveners: Juerg Luterbacher, Maria Triantaphyllou, Giovanni Zanchetta

  4. Assessment of climate change in the Mediterranean region and climate projections with focus on climate change impacts, options for adaptation and mitigation, decision support systems, stakeholders’ engagement.
    Conveners: Joel Guiot, Gabriel Jordà, Andrea Toreti

  5. Climate and society in the Mediterranean region, considering multidisciplinary climate-environment-human societal systems, feedbacks and interactions, environmental pressures and responses, lessons for the future.
    Conveners: John Haldon, Dominik Fleitmann, Vangelis Papathanassiou